Glass Furnace Supplies and Parts

The HHH Architectural Tempering Systems Roll cleaning machine

This device removes dirt, glass, and other particles that are adhered to the ceramic rolls. The roll cleaning machine uses a diamond hone to resurface and polish the surface of the ceramic roll without having to remove it from the furnace. The roll cleaning machine is powered by the rotation of the furnace rolls and uses only water to flush the diamond hone as it is being used. The roll cleaner needs only one person to operate and can be used in conjunction with other cleaning methods.

The HHH roll cleaner can be used with a variety of other manufacturers furnaces. All that is required is the roll diameter and the center to center distance of the ceramic rolls.

The HHH Architectural Tempering Systems Tack Cloth Holder.

This device provides a final method or cleaning and removing dirt, glass, and other particles that have been dislodged by previous cleaning methods.

This is the last step in the cleaning process to provide the cleanest, particle free ceramic roll surface for the glass to ride on. The ceramic furnace rolls are mopped or scrubbed using locally available “tack cloths” attached to the holder. This acts as a sticky surface to pickup and traps any debris that are left on the ceramic rolls after cleaning.

One person can operate the device with the furnace ceramic rolls rotating.

One size fits most furnaces regardless of roll size and spacing.

Roll Cleaner

Tack Cloth